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Hand and wrist injuries occur on a daily basis, and are the most common type of injuries. Due to their fragile nature, hands can easily get injured at any time. Whether it’s operating heavy machinery, or using something sharp, you could easily end up with a deep cut or laceration, which will prevent you from using your hands and leave you unable to perform your regular work duties. Without the ability to work, you will lose your source of stable income and lose a lot of wages for missed work. Our Hand Injury Attorneys iare to help you get compensated.

You may have a work comp claim in your hands, without being aware of it. Every work related accident which lead to an injury entitles you to financial benefits issued by the state’s workers compensation program. To find out more about it, speak to one of our attorneys from Workers Compensation Attorney Group in Tucson.

Besides cuts and lacerations, one may easily break his finger bones at any time. For example, lifting a heavy object and getting your fingers stuck underneath it will result in a few broken bones. This will require you to receive medical attention, which immediately means time off work.

Other types of injuries are strains and sprains. Muscles and ligaments are all over your hand, and they reach all the way up to your forearm. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may not be able to lift anything or use your hands at all, as well as hold your grip. Since we use hands for most of our work, regardless of our profession, without the ability to use them our work cannot be done.

Amputation is the most serious form of hand injury. The worst part is that partial amputations are quite often actually. Not everyone ends up with their whole arm amputated, but lose a finger or two depending on the injury. This normally occurs to construction workers and those working with heavy load and sharp objects.

It is very important to protect your hands at your workplace. The best way to start is to wear protective gloves. Some are designed to provide more durability and protection, so investing in your gloves now can save you a lot of time in the future. If your employer or superior didn’t provide you with proper protection at your workplace, make sure to let them know of it. If they choose to fire you for it or don’t provide you with a proper protection, you may have a lawsuit on them. Every employer has to take care of his workers, and ensuring their safety should be the number one priority.

In the worst possible scenario, just get your own hand protection and keep doing what you used to do. This is a way to avoid all the stress and potential complications at work. Again, don’t tolerate the unsafe working environment, but if wearing gloves is all that it takes to protect you, simply spend a few dollars and get a good pair.

Hand Injury Attorneys in Tucson

If the work related accident caused you to miss on your work and lose wages in the process, reach out to us. A hand injury will affect your job, which is why you should protect yourself on time and ensure that you receive workers compensation for your injury and compensation for 2/3 of your lost wages. We would love to help you secure those financial benefits. All you have to do is reach out to us any day during business hours, and we will gladly take over your case.