Hearing Loss Injury Attorneys in Tucson

Tucson Hearing Loss Injury Lawyers

Imagine a day without a single sound. Now imagine trying to work without the ability to hear. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly what is happening to injured individuals who received an injury at work and ended up with a hearing loss. The loss can be up to 100% of one’s hearing, and the chances are that it will gradually worsen over time. Contact our Hearing Loss Injury Attorneys for Free Initial Consultation about your case.

To help you get back on your feet, our attorneys from Workers Compensation Attorney Group in Tucson are offering their services. You are just one phone call away from getting the help you need to secure your financial benefits. Feel free to reach out to our attorneys and schedule a free initial consultation. Keep in mind that you won’t be obliged to hire any of our attorneys after the consultation.

Don’t let this injury have a devastating effect on your life. Reach out to us and we will help you fight for your legally owed financial benefits. Your worker’s compensation is at hand’s reach.

Being the third most common work related injury in the US, hearing loss is a severe injury that usually changes one’s life. If you are an individual with a hearing loss, you are most likely going to lose a lot of working hours, and perhaps your job as well. It is hard to communicate with people when you cannot hear them.

Being unable to hear can be lethal in case you are working on a construction yard or similar workplaces where there are dangers at every corner. You need your senses to work perfectly in order to perform most actions at the workplace, and losing your hearing will set you back.

Don’t be afraid. We know what you are going through and would love to help you get over it. We cannot heal you, but can promise to find you the best possible medical care, fully paid by the insurance company. If there is a surgery to try and restore your hearing, that will also be covered by the insurance company. All the medical bills, including out-of-pocket expenses will be fully paid.

Some professions bare higher risks of receiving hearing loss. The most critical ones are being a plumber and a carpenter. However, there are other professions which are just behind in terms of hearing loss risk. These professions are:

  • A Musician
  • Oil Rig Worker
  • Military (Soldier)
  • Transportation (driver)
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing (working with loud and noisy machines)

If the workplace is too loud, you should seek proper protection. There are many ways to protect your hearing both at work and at home. Use ear protection while operating machines at work, and lower the volume on your smartphone when you listen to the music at home or at the gym. Protect your hearing for as long as you can.

Tucson Hearing Loss Injury Attorneys

If you already received partial or complete hearing loss, seek professional help. Let a skilled attorney handle your case while you focus on your recovery. You are entitled to financial benefits issued by the state’s workers compensation program. These benefits will help you get back on your feet, and provide you with a small source of income since you are unable to perform your regular work duties.

Our offices are working during business hours, so feel free to give us a call at 520-257-1156 when free. If unable to call, write an email or submit an online form and we will reach out to you soon afterwards. You only have one chance to make things right. Make it count!