Filing a Workers Compensation Claim in Tucson

Tucson Workers Compensation Claim Lawyers

After receiving an injury at work as a result of an accident, you may be able to receive financial help. It comes through the state’s workers compensation program, and it is a great way to get back on your feet and at the same time have a source of much needed income. If you are unsure what to do next, call a legal representative and schedule an initial consultation, completely free of charge. Workers Compensation Lawyers in Tucson will help you understand the workers compensation program, as well as bring you up to speed with what has to be done and in what order. First step is filing a Workers Compensation Claim.

In addition, they are willing to take over your case and do things for you. If you find this option more suiting, give us a call today to learn more about it.

After an injury, the first thing you should do is seek medical help. It is essential that you take care of your wounds and your injury before you go and pursuit financial help. Once you are stable and rejuvenated, report the injury to your superiors. Usually, you have up to one year to report the injury, but we highly advise you to it as soon as possible to avoid potential complications. The more time you wait, the smaller your chances are of receiving these much needed financial benefits.

Once you inform your superiors of your injury, it becomes their responsibility to file for your work comp claim. The claim itself has to go through an evaluation process, and you will receive the answer once the Administration Board has decided.

You may be asked to sign certain documents or a recorded statement. We highly encourage you not to do it before consulting with an attorney. The reason is simple: if you sing anything that does not benefit you, there is no undoing it, no going back. To protect you from hidden clauses and any potential problems, attorneys highly suggest that you seek legal counsel before signing anything.

If your workers compensation claim gets denied or delayed, for any reason, speak to a legal representative. It is not the end, and you can still secure your financial benefits. Simply reach out to an attorney and let him know of the situation, and why was the work comp claim denied. Our Workers Compensation Attorneys in Tucson have experience solving such situations, and have done it countless times in the past. They will assist you in recovering your funds, and will file an appeal. Normally, you have 90 days to submit an appeal, and by missing this deadline, you will lose all chances of recovering your financial benefits. Don’t wait before it is too late. Do something about it now while you still have time.

To ensure that you receive financial compensation through workers compensation, we highly encourage you to hire a legal representative right of the bat. Our kind and highly ethical Work Injury Attorneys in Tucson will help you secure your legally owed financial benefits, and will take the workload off of your back. Sit back at home and relax, focusing on your recovery, while someone else does all the work for you.

Workers Compensation Claim Attorneys in Tucson

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