Back Injury Attorneys in Tucson

Every adult knows the importance of having a strong back. When it comes to human anatomy, there are 26 spinal bones running from your neck all the way to the bottom of your back. These spinal bones serve to protect your spinal cord from any potential damage. However, this is a very fragile spot, and is usually injured easily. There are many different ways one can injure himself, such as lifting heavy load, or falling on his back. In this case, our Back Injury Attorneys will help you get compensated.

If you received a back injury which prevents you from working, you may be able to receive certain financial benefits to compensate for your pain, stress and lost wages. These financial benefits are issued by the state’s workers compensation program, and are given to every injured individual who received the injury as a result of a workplace accident.

To learn more about the program, or have to handle it correctly, speak to one of our attorneys at Workers Compensation Attorney Group in Tucson; schedule a free consultation without the obligation to hire our attorneys afterwards. Get all the answers you need to keep things in motion, and decide whether or not you need a help from a legal representative.

Back injuries can easily ruin your life. There are so many things that can go wrong, and the pain is not even your biggest problem. Back injury can cause permanent immobility, leaving you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. It can cause several leg injuries, causing problems with the blood circulation in your legs. In addition, it can cause problems to your spine and leave you paralyzed. There is also kidney damage, internal bleeding and other life-threatening injuries which all may result from a back injury. It is something that should be taken seriously. Every injured individual should act accordingly at the first sign of the injury, and seek medical care. If lucky, it will just be a stiffed muscle; however, if you really got injured badly, you may expect a surgery.

Your medical bills will be taken care of by the insurance company, since it is a part of the workers compensation benefits. You don’t have to worry about spending your money on recovery and prescription drugs because everything will be taken care of and fully paid for. All that you have to do is focus on your recovery and ensure that you stay on track with your physiotherapies.

The most common causes of the back injury:

  • Lifting heavy objects: Weight does play a significant part here and the heavier the load, the greater are your chances of receiving a back injury. Apply certain techniques when lifting heavy load, such as lifting from your knees, not using your back to endure the pressure.
  • Standing on your toes to grab something: If you put all your body weight on your toes, there is a high chance of falling out of balance and crashing. The fall itself could be on your back, and the injuries may follow
  • Repetition: Don’t exert yourself. Take breaks in between and don’t put too much pressure on your back and muscles. Make sure to get enough time to relax your back muscles every once in a while.

Tucson Back Injury Attorneys

If you received a back injury, we may be able to help you secure financial benefits. Our Workers Compensation Attorneys in Tucson will advocate you, and ensure that you receive everything owed to you by the law. You will be treated with utmost respect and understanding of your situation, and we will work to get your settlement in a timely manner.